Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Reads

So I know everyone recommends articles to read around the web on weekends, but I feel like I found some especially good ones this week and just had to share!

First things first, I am sick. I hate feeling yucky (also: and cold and wet). Luckily, Man Repeller has a (naturally) humorous guide to not getting sick during fashion week...but it totally applies to those of us who are 3 weeks away from midterms too.

This Refinery 29 post on how to do anything alone makes me feel really good. It's just fate when the perfect article comes along at just the right moment.

I eat up Kate Middleton gossip like its the zombie apocalypse and I've stumbled upon the last stores of pumpkin spice. Anyway, apparently Kate's wardrobe is getting a couture kick and longer hemlines, per the queen's request. Oh my!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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