Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Best Skin Care Product

Let me start things off by saying this thing is amazing. Seriously. I had heard about Clarisonic for years, but never really gave the brand much thought- I mean how could an expensive brush really make any difference? Oh boy was I wrong.

Last month I went to the dermatologist, as I do every 3 months, for an acne check up (the perils of barely being out of your teens). After going over my routine from top to bottom she asked me what I use to exfoliate.

"St. Ives," I replied, very self-assuredly.
"NO!" she literally screamed at me. "Give that to a friend you hate and forget about it."

After pressing her why and how this $3.99 OTC product could be so bad, she explained how beaded products, like St. Ives and similar brands, tear microscopic holes in your skin, do not clean deeply at all and are simply a waste of money. You're better off not exfoliating at all.

She said I needed to get a Clarisonic. If I had any hope of erasing my acne scars or living a happy life ever I needed to invest in one. After 2 weeks of wrestling with my bank account, prodding my best girlfriends for extensive reviews and reading this post from Gal Meets Glam, I decided to fork over the $99 for the Mia First.

I have been using the Mia for 3 weeks now and I have never been happier with my skin. My pores are shrinking, breakouts have subsided, scars are healing and overall my skin looks amazingly bright. I am in disbelief and so very excited. I could not recommend another skin product higher. If you suffer from any similar issues, it is definitely worth the investment.

Similar experiences? Questions? Ask away!

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